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1370 How soon will the software be able to set the rotation of the object relative to the incident light?
Asked by Silverio Delgado Closed 1
1369 wich is the dielectric functtion used in the calculation?
Asked by Raquel Moiraghi Open 1
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1368 lattice constant?
Asked by ronak abband Open 0
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1367 The programs used for designing circuits in the atomic scale
Asked by Open 0
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1366 How to get a solution for a simple thermal Steady State Conduction problem
Asked by Hank Rennie Open 1
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1365 why abinit don’t run
Asked by ali lahmer Open 0
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1364 Is there a way to change the polarization direction for the x axis to the y or z?
Asked by Silverio Delgado Closed 2
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1363 Why and how does the choice of preferred modulus input change my results?
Asked by Manuel Uhlig Open 1
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1362 Request for more instructions and explanation
Asked by Tanya Faltens Open 1
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1361 How to run CNTband tool on windows?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1360 can the Storage limit be increased?
Asked by Silverio Delgado Open 3
1359 Which tool can I use to simulate RITD?
Asked by Kaveh Keshtkaran Open 0
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1358 Is ADEPT 2.0 capable of simulating Thin Film Solar cells?
Asked by Arslan Sarwar Open 0
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1357 Why are there only three components in the stress tensor?
Asked by Rui Yuan Open 1
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1356 Chemical Equation for TDMAT ALD Formation of TiN?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1355 Why the value of Fermi level is considered to be equal to 0.724ev?
Asked by vahid mosallanejad Open 0
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1354 How can I define the thickness of each layer in S4?
Asked by Mostafa El-Aasser Open 1
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1353 Does Double Layer Graphene Mean Graphite?
Asked by Berna Uyanık Open 1
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1351 why does the 3D field electric field feature complie all previous simulations?
Asked by Silverio Delgado Closed 2
1350 biosensor simulation
Asked by Jieyi Zhu Closed 1
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