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221 Default model failed
Asked by Ravi Tavakley Closed 2
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220 biaxial strain in bulk produces no results
Asked by Anonymous Closed 3
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219 code crashes when I simulate parabolic confinement with 0.06eV potential shape
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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218 typo
Asked by Dmitri Nikonov Open 1
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217 atomic coordinate
Asked by Jin-Gyu Kim Closed 4
216 abinit problem
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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214 atomic coordinates from simulation
Asked by Jin-Gyu Kim Closed 2
213 why there is difference in results between this tool and Nonamos at Tsi=3nm
Asked by Mohammed M. El-Banna Open 1
212 How to change the initial substrate concentration?
Asked by Marek Sosnowski Open 0
211 poisson equation in si/oxid interface
Asked by meysam bagheri Closed 1
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209 How do you print the output log in SPICE?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
207 What is the double mosfte width(W) in nanoMos simulation?
Asked by majid sfy Closed 2
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206 double gate mosfet width (W) in nanoMos
Asked by majid sfy Closed 2
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205 How can I change my personal profile?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
201 What is Hub0 technology?
Asked by Zhou Lei Closed 1
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200 why I~vds curve shows higher saturation current for longer channel length?
Asked by rasmita sahoo Closed 1
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199 Is there any way to change the port from 8080?
Asked by Michael Waters Open 0
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198 Please help me with a research proposal
Asked by Samik Mukherjee Closed 2
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197 The aninit version here is seriously outdated, error will occur while try to use it.
Asked by s.f.jin Closed 1
196 How to implement MATLAB pcolor() in rappture?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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