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294 defining the 3D electron density
Asked by George Pau Closed 2
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293 What is the best way to solve 3D Poisson when used in self-consistent loop with NEGF?
Asked by Golam Rabbani Closed 1
292 Is there a units error?
Asked by Albert Liao Closed 1
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291 Model freezes after accessing DOS parameter
Asked by Joshua Wood Closed 1
290 code seems to crash with a message “Child Process Exited Abnormally”
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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289 Is the poisson equation in the iterative scheme altered in the same manner as NanoMOS?
Asked by George Pau Closed 1
287 For calculating gate tunneling current, we want the value of impinging frequency of the particles. Is there any simulator on nanohub, which can give me the value of impinging frequency of as particle for given value of effe
Asked by Garima Joshi Closed 1
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286 from where can get experimental curves for IV cracteristics for MOSFET at technology node 90nm and below?
Asked by Garima Joshi Closed 1
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285 Thanks for this tool, but can you support us with this movement equation or your reference please.
Asked by mohd btati Open 1
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284 How to simulate uniaxial strain in different crystal orientations?
Asked by Jing Lu Open 0
283 silicon thickness
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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281 I wonder which solver type is used for the pn-junction equations and how the diffuson current is calculated?
Asked by Sergey N. Makarov Open 1
280 Can anyone tell me the names of US Universities good for Nanoelectronics?
Asked by Oliver Gomes Open 4
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279 regarding Simulation for Unlisted Molecules
Asked by praveen kumar nooli Open 2
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278 detailed syllabus on “nanoscience” as elective subject in Engineering eighth semester
Asked by Ranjana Goswami Open 0
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277 code crashes when 8nm triangular cross section nanowires are entered
Asked by Anonymous Closed 3
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276 wishlist item: compare the initial and the final dispersion in selfconsistent calculation
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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275 wishlist item: 2d cuts through potential and charge through high symmetry lines
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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273 No outputs
Asked by Shaikh S. Ahmed Closed 2
272 relation between the si thickness and current
Asked by meysam bagheri Closed 1

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