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143 Local dielectric function of nanomaterial
Asked by Syed Md. Sahriar Abdullah Open 1
142 lecture on ipod
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
141 Current research in nanoelectronics
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
140 tool required to simulate carbon based nanoelectronics
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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139 related to simulation tool..
Asked by purnima somkuwar Closed 3
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138 RTD tool
Asked by pravin Open 1
137 quantum mechanical charge appears to be over-estimated by a factor of 5.7
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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136 Seeking a research guide for masters project
Asked by akhil jayaprakash Open 1
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134 RTD basee circuit design simulator
Asked by pravin Closed 1
133 Strain in % or fraction
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
132 can’t choose pixels by color or burn
Asked by Wugui jiang Open 1
130 What variable is on the horizontal axis?
Asked by Austin Howard Closed 1
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129 How do I interpret CV measurements of self-assembled quantum dot stacks?
Asked by Shreyas Shah Open 0
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127 Highly non-spherical heavy hole bands for bulk GaAs??
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
126 What is the dimension of the electrode?
Asked by Sansiri Tanachutiwat Closed 1
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124 is the Nano Tube diameter changeable in moscnt.1.0 software?
Asked by rezaei Open 0
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123 Negative voltages for Fettoy
Asked by Harish Narendar Closed 2
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122 Negative gate voltages
Asked by Harish Narendar Closed 1
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120 What dose it exactly mean by MTP’s ?
Asked by Nimrodh Ananth. A Open 0
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119 source/drain and gate lenght in fettoy software
Asked by Abbas Rezaei Closed 1
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