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1212 How can I simulate SET (single electron transistor) based Circuits ?
Asked by Shawon Nazrul Islam Open 0
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1211 interface
Asked by Jing-Shuen Hong Open 0
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1210 Can simulation tools, i.e. server-side software make outgoing tcp/ip connections?
Asked by Daniel Huss Open 0
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1209 Problem Launching Job
Asked by Pranita Kerber Open 2
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1208 The MOSFET Code and OXYDE LAYER
Asked by Thomas Mathew Open 1
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1207 Can i use it for graphene FET simulation to calculate potential distribution in one dimension?
Asked by mohi uddin jewel Open 1
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1206 Builder error
Asked by Vitaly Botsan Open 2
1205 density of states
Asked by Yu-Chih Tseng Open 0
1204 Semiconductor Device Simulator
Asked by Sudipto Chakma Open 0
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1203 Simulator for BHJ or OHJ devices
Asked by Sudipto Chakma Closed 1
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1202 Average carriage mobility is of Tio2 ? (considering Pt/Tio2/Pt structure )
Asked by kirti satish agashe Open 0
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1201 Compiling Rappture wrapper
Asked by Thomas Mathew Closed 1
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1200 How to link Molden with NWchem ? I have tried many way but, I cannot view my work.
Asked by Auwalu Musa Open 0
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1199 How do you obtain the dielectric function of metals (Ag and gold)?
Asked by Piyawath Tapsanit Open 1
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1198 Running with multiple cores
Asked by Thomas Mathew Closed 1
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1197 When we deposte the gold nanoparticle on active material in transistors, the gap between two nanoparticle is 0.5 nm, what type of tunneling barrier will be forming?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1196 How to start for solving for a single quantum dot in a p-n junction?
Asked by Tirtha Mitra Open 0
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1195 how can graphene pn junction be prapared in a simple laboratory
Asked by H Elmeleegi Open 0
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1194 eps_c and eps_si definition
Asked by Kainlu Low Open 0
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1193 What is the effective mass of electron in InN (Quantum Dot)?
Asked by Udoy Paul Open 0
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