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1019 Dear sir, i need some simulation on CNTFET tool but it will not work properly and results are not seen
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
1018 where can i get detailled analysis of drift diffusion simulation for MuGFET tool other than FTUG?
Asked by Tawseef Ahmad Bhat Open 1
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1017 dielectric function
Asked by Viktorija Shautsova Open 0
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1016 How to be able to use the FDTD tool
Asked by Yongan Tang Open 1
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1015 Is there an ABINIT tutorial for ferromagnetic materials?
Asked by Anonymous Open 2
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1014 how can i get the device description of double gate MOS
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1013 Self Consistent for Ge DGMOS
Asked by Nikhil Shukla Open 0
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1012 Input files for my tool
Asked by Mourad Ouzzani Open 1
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1011 Why sensitivity doesn’t change when changing the doping level ?
Asked by Marie Marie LE DANTEC Open 0
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1010 How do I draw a band diagram with the conduction band, valence band and the Quasi Fermi levels in the same plot
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1009 what kind of new research can be done by this tool? any exercise? in details..plz
Asked by iftekhairul alam bhuiyan Open 0
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1008 Building certain polymers
Asked by Elie Moujaes Open 1
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1007 this tool is closed?
Asked by mou dong Open 0
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1006 How to find Vox = f(Vg)
Asked by Huy Anh Le Open 0
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1005 Product of CH3CN+ C2H5OH
Asked by Kind 4 ALL Open 0
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1004 Problem launching job: 0child process exited abnormally
Asked by Michael Kim Jo Open 0
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1003 material change ?
Asked by Byeongin Choe Open 0
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1001 acetic acid dimer
Asked by Jessica Trail Open 1
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1000 How to download video content from with resume capability
Asked by Mustafa Mustafa Open 1
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999 What causes the simulation to freeze?
Asked by Matt Young Closed 2
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