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980 how to set environment variable for meep?
Asked by Thomas Coradetti Open 0
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979 problem running nanomos 2.0
Asked by Chhavi Dadhich Open 0
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978 To Calculate the self consistent equation for Mean field in a Doped Semiconductor
Asked by Sai Aditya Pradeep Open 0
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977 Can Silcaco TCAD Atlas tool simulate Memristor device.? Please tell me ?
Asked by Ashish Kumar Open 1
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976 this tool can not work even i have java
Asked by vidula vilas shinde Open 1
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975 What is technology node and do companies arrive at some perticular numbers?
Asked by sandeep mandava Open 1
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973 My question is stupid. But does anyboby know how to putput PDB file of the polymer?
Asked by YY Zhang Open 0
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972 Did you calculate the charge at each grid of the surface potential along the whole length of the CNT
Asked by Ammar Al-Hamry Open 0
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971 Can ABINIT be used to determine the refractive index of a molecule? If yes, how to get it??
Asked by Mehta Bhaven Satish Open 1
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970 Is it possible to simulate TFET using this tool?
Asked by Joseph Rathish Open 1
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969 Is it possible to simulate TFET using this tool?
Asked by Joseph Rathish Open 2
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968 how to draw amplitude vs normalized frequency
Asked by yan hai yang Open 2
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967 can we simulate the band structure of graphene?
Asked by Saurabh Katiyar Open 1
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966 Boundary conditions in N-AlGaAs-pGaAs heterojunction
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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965 for the same case, the simulation results by the newest version are not the same as those simulated by the previous versions, any parameter changed?
Asked by Huali Chen Open 0
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964 Input file for polyetherimide structure
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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963 initial guess for density in KS-DFT
Asked by Harishanker Gajendran Open 0
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962 Can any one please suggest me a good tutorial for learning about asymmetric mosfets  ?
Asked by kumar rohit Open 0
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961 Which fileendings are compatible?
Asked by flo schwarz Open 1
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960 Best product is the NanoAtomChanger.Known As Cheat codes to life. Find me a better product ?
Asked by Walter Powery Open 0
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