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843 What are the novel trends/challenges in the areas realated to DNA based biosensors
Asked by Keerthi Jayasundera Open 0
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842 submit an abstract in a conference in USA
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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841 How to upload
Asked by Carlos Alberto Open 2
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840 Good day, I am trying to find out what degree would prepare me the most to get into nanotechnology, specifically nano armor. Thank you.
Asked by Stephen Alan MacCallum Open 1
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839 What is the relation between Keldysh and NEGF ?
Asked by Haiyao DENG Open 1
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838 differences between sp3s* and sp3d5s* models
Asked by Jean Michel D Sellier Open 1
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837 Question on SIESTA
Asked by Ching Siong Yap Closed 1
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836 missing bonds
Asked by Shyno Mathew Open 1
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835 problem in nanomos
Asked by ahmad zubair Open 0
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834 using FFEToy
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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833 Strain Tight-Binding model
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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832 Bulk Si eff. mass vs. biaxial Strain
Asked by Ashish Agrawal Open 2
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831 The tool gets stuck during post-processing while I try to run the default example.
Asked by Chandra Veer Singh Open 1
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830 Problem installing rappture: “package require Itcl”
Asked by Scott Norton Open 0
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828 No Output
Asked by Ashish Agrawal Open 1
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827 The method
Asked by dai yanmeng Open 1
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826 How do we find Abase?
Asked by umar khan Open 1
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825 How to obtain the spin density in Fe crystal bcc?
Asked by sergey yu shishkov Closed 1
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823 Embedding visualization software into a tool in Rappture
Asked by Daniel Alberto Lemus Open 0
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822 How to do 3D quantum monte carlo in Silvaco Atlas
Asked by Sharif M Salahuddin Open 0
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