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803 How substrate leakage varies with channel length in MOS
Asked by Anshul Gupta Open 0
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801 Saving/Exporting Data from QC-Lab to my computer?
Asked by Benjamin Ashwell Open 1
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Asked by suchitra Open 1
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799 How to consider electron-photon interaction w/o using self-energy?
Asked by Golam Rabbani Open 0
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798 joining a group
Asked by estabrak talib abdullah Open 1
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796 Problem launching job error
Asked by Bahareh Yaghootkar Open 2
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795 coarse grain for polymer
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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794 How do I use the floating source potential?
Asked by Ahsan-Ul-Alam Closed 1
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793 input files
Asked by Jamal A Talla Open 1
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792 Download not possible
Asked by Karin Goss Open 3
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791 Parameters for GaAs
Asked by Henry Lee Open 2
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790 why the duplicated charge distriboution under low bias gate is not same as the paper?
Asked by Bahareh Yaghootkar Open 1
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789 Doping the Nanowire
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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788 Is there a good resource for learning about DNA and its lab tricks for an electrical engineer?
Asked by Jiyati Verma Open 0
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787 Bending of fermi level
Asked by Shaji Farooq Baig Open 1
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786 Is there any simulation tool on nanohub which can simulate piezoelectricity in nanowires like ZnO?
Asked by Banani Sen Open 0
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785 Why and how quantum effect comes into picture?? How the density of states are calculated in nanowire/nanotubes??
Asked by gaurav saxena Closed 1
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784 Time for running on steele is far too long compared with nanohub.
Asked by Zhengping Jiang Open 0
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783 What is the relation between the extrinsic debye length and inbuild depletion width in PN junction?
Asked by gaurav saxena Open 0
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782 Does these Total Internal Reflection, Critical Angle simmulation results make sense?
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