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509 why the tool is not working for negetive gate and drain bias?
Asked by rasmita sahoo Open 0
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508 Why do I get this error when I try to run a software tool?
Asked by Alisa Neeman Open 1
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507 Error clarification
Asked by Anonymous Open 3
506 while running simulation “execute idle at…….”
Asked by suba rajan b Open 0
Asked by Devi Dass Open 0
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504 How to do simulation on OMEN nanowire tool?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 3
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503 How to do simulation on OMEN nanowire tool?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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502 How to do simulation on OMEN nanowire tool?
Asked by Poorti Vyas Open 1
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501 CNTFET Simulator
Asked by suba rajan b Closed 1
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500 what happens in the deep depletion region?
Asked by Samuel Opoku Aboagye Open 2
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498 About negative bias for bottom gate
Asked by Onur ATES Open 2
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497 how does my C-V varies with leaky dielectric??
Asked by Suseendran Jayachandran Open 0
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496 direct and indirect bandgap semiconductors
Asked by poornachandubiruda Open 1
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495 revolution of electrons in orbits
Asked by poornachandubiruda Open 0
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492 For a length within the ballistic regime, why the current value changing with the length ?
Asked by Milad Dagher Closed 1
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491 how to simulate two or more cnt mosfets connected in cacade or in particular gate
Asked by evln ranga charyulu Open 0
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490 Thick substrate
Asked by leopold virot Closed 1
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489 multi-layered GNR
Asked by deblina sarkar Closed 1
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488 Carbon nanotube structure model?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
487 Is it possible to dope the nanowire n-type at the source end and p-type at the drain end using this tool?
Asked by Ahmet Ceyhan Open 1
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