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716 The tool with all default settings (and one for circular nanowire) is not giving any results. The end result is a text file and no E/K, band structures plots.
Asked by Faraz Najam Open 0
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715 Can Padre be used for non-conventional materials?
Asked by Siamak Pour Open 0
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714 Energy level VS Level number. How can I plot level number???
Asked by duffy polk Open 0
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713 Is the Jacobi matrix in non-linear poisson slover a positivie-definite matrix?
Asked by Yang Lu Open 0
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712 ellipitical nanowire
Asked by arun kumar Open 0
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711 is anybody have compact model of silicon nanowire transistor? which can use for ckt simulation
Asked by anita narendra bhatt Open 0
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710 questions about 2d electron density along the channel
Asked by Huali Chen Open 0
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709 How to simulate DGMOS with schred 2.0 tool?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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708 Is there anybody who is using oof and residing at Melbourne?
Asked by Muhammad Rakib Mansur Open 0
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707 Application of polypropylene nanocomposites in automobiles
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706 current voltage characteristics of double heterostructure
Asked by rejvi kaysir Open 0
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705 My pc hangs or kills OOF2 while running layer editor using the options mesh and filled contour.
Asked by Muhammad Rakib Mansur Open 1
703 limited number of polymer chains
Asked by Anonymous Closed 4
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702 absorptance in non absorbing medium
Asked by Juraj ChlpÃk Open 1
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700 I only have a basic chemistry background. Can I actually go on to a nanotech graduate school?
Asked by william george griffin Open 0
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699 why i-v characteristics of armchair cnt changed with increasing temperature
Asked by Devi Dass Open 0
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698 subiects to study
Asked by estabrak talib abdullah Open 2
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697 suggestions
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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696 thermal conductivity
Asked by naitbouda abdelyamine Open 0
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695 Get problem lauching job: can’t use non-numeric string as an operand of “-”
Asked by Wenjing Liu Open 0