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184 how to run a oof2-script ?
Asked by Alessandro Zivelonghi Open 2
183 Could k be devided into kx ky kz component possible?
Asked by JUNG-PIAO, CHIU Open 1
182 What tool can be used to simulate compound semiconductor HBT?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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181 simulate CdTe
Asked by Neelanjan Bhattacharya Closed 2
180 How does the interface line treat traps?
Asked by Jonas Beardsley Open 0
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178 My tcl script for rappture stops executing when I get a warning
Asked by Brandon Myers Open 1
177 How can I get this reboMD tool?
Asked by Anthony Open 0
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176 nonperiodic series of wells
Asked by Jesse Engel Closed 1
175 Can we add another material
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
174 How can I retreve the stored data obtained from previous simualtions and plot them again?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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173 matlab version
Asked by Kerryann Foley Open 1
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172 smaller barrier heights required
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
171 Assumptions used in the QDs simulattions
Asked by liqiao qin Closed 1
170 single barrier choice results in no output
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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169 need clarification
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
167 What is the Diameter of the nanotube in this simulation?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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166 How could i see Tunneling without spending alot of money?
Asked by Marco Antonio Garcia Open 2
165 Current unit…
Asked by Noel Michael D'Souza Closed 1
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164 compare a tight binding calculation to the analytical expansion methodin this tool
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
163 for 100 barriers the resonance finder has some problems
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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