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58 How do i get access to ansys?
Asked by Maksim Vakulenko Closed 1
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57 simulate JFET and my device is symmetrical about x-axis
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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56 What would be the electron effective mass of InAs in its electron valleys in X,Y,Z directions?
Asked by Harish Closed 1
55 the data in my storage shows 2 % how do i retrieve it?
Asked by rahul raj Closed 1
54 How do I derive the 2D electron density used in nano MOSFET calculations?
Asked by George Pau Closed 1
53 Problem during simulation
Asked by deelep Gupta Closed 1
52 EXTRACT feature currently not operational  ??
Asked by Arsen Subashiev Open 0
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51 research in nanoelectronics
Asked by gourav Closed 2
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49 How to ensure that the stiffness matrix is square?
Asked by Debashis Kar Open 1
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48 which tool can help me do SOI circuit simulations?
Asked by Fahima AMin Open 1
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47 how to calculate electron mobility
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
46 to find mobility
Asked by rajeev Closed 1
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45 How to access and upload files on my computer to the OOF software
Asked by Debashis Kar Closed 3
44 simulator required
Asked by pankaj bhatt Open 1
43 nanotube based sensor
Asked by Ramesh Open 0
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42 What are the physical and chemical property changes when reduce matter of size?
Asked by Ramesh Closed 1
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41 Magnetic, Electrical and Optical properties
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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40 How do you perform a simulation of a MOS capacitor ON SOI using the Schred tool?
Asked by Stephen Michael Thomas Closed 1
39 Is there any free licence drift diffusion device simulator that supports MOS and bipolar devices
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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38 Padre Simulator – Poly option
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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