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799 How to consider electron-photon interaction w/o using self-energy?
Asked by Golam Rabbani Open 0
1370 How soon will the software be able to set the rotation of the object relative to the incident light?
Asked by Silverio Delgado Closed 1
1357 Why are there only three components in the stress tensor?
Asked by Rui Yuan Open 1
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1366 How to get a solution for a simple thermal Steady State Conduction problem
Asked by Hank Rennie Open 1
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1311 Why is electron number ‘n’ taken as fermi function ‘f’ many a times?
Asked by ANJALY T R Open 0
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1229 I need to construct a model of curved lipid bilayer like the cell membrane in real situation
Asked by Qian Cheng Open 0
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1074 In the graph of W/D, how much is the width assumed ?
Asked by kirti satish agashe Open 0
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1060 How can i simulate amorphous silicon? the directory is missing!
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1046 Potential energy value
Asked by papanasam Esakky Open 0
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838 differences between sp3s* and sp3d5s* models
Asked by Jean Michel D Sellier Open 1
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748 How can I simulate ZnO/GaN material
Asked by liqiao qin Open 0
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556 Simulation for 3D finfet fails
Asked by Abhijeet Paul Open 2
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1329 evanscent modes considered?
Asked by Debanjan Basu Open 0
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1322 Getting Exit Code 1
Asked by Ibrahim Misbah Sadiq Open 0
996 Why is the floating source present in the MOSFET but not in the CNFET?
Asked by Ahsan-Ul-Alam Open 0
966 Boundary conditions in N-AlGaAs-pGaAs heterojunction
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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946 MuGFET scaling
Asked by Manoj Kumar Sharma Open 1
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866 why the saturation current increases with decrease in diameter of the CNT
Asked by rasmita sahoo Open 3
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762 Question about Visualization Software
Asked by Hsiu-Hao Tsao Open 0
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664 Useful for very high doping reverse bias conditions?
Asked by Philip David Flammer Open 1
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