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762 Question about Visualization Software
Asked by Hsiu-Hao Tsao Open 1
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664 Useful for very high doping reverse bias conditions?
Asked by Philip David Flammer Open 1
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576 FETToy :Can I use this tool to design circuits
Asked by suba rajan b Open 1
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412 Can it simulate quasi ballistic transport
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1240 what is inter layer spacing and why oxide?
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1432 Can S4 be used to simulate vertical tapering nanowire arrays by divide the arrays into different levels?
Asked by Tzu-ging Lin Open 1
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510 Why the tool is not working for negative gate and drain bias?
Asked by rasmita sahoo Open 0
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509 why the tool is not working for negetive gate and drain bias?
Asked by rasmita sahoo Open 0
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450 what is the threshold voltage
Asked by rasmita sahoo Open 3
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419 average velocity vs gate voltage for single and double gate mosfets
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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845 rigid CNT versus relaxed CNT in pullout test?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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392 What does it mean? invalid command name “Rappture::librarydriver920.xml”
Asked by Alisa Neeman Open 1
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1491 how to simulate silicon nanowire transistor?
Asked by Luo Tian Qi Open 0
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1490 Why is the volume charge density much lower than expected?
Asked by James Fonseca Closed 1
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1489 I need 3 subplot in my output GUI. Can anyone suggest about how to implement subplot using rappture.
Asked by Kalpana Bhupathi Raju Open 0
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1488 Convergence problem, take smaller steps
Asked by Mustafa Kamal Open 0
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1486 How to make my profile public?
Asked by Abhirit Kanti Open 0
1484 Error on install in, missing
Asked by David Lipke Open 1
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1483 Thin-Film Semiconductor Simulation Program (TFSSP)
Asked by Muhammad Irfan Ali Open 0
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1482 distinction between hole and electron states is not clear
Asked by Gerhard Klimeck Open 2
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