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1332 The plot gives the magnitude of the Youngs modulus in all the possible directions in 3D space. How do I know from the 3D plot (without using equation) the value in a certain orientation? Basically, I need to know what are the
Asked by avinesh ojha Open 0
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1331 Which tool I can go for simulating Lithographic process.
Asked by PREM Kumar A Open 0
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1329 evanscent modes considered?
Asked by Debanjan Basu Open 0
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1328 Band structure error in InAs UTB devices
Asked by Enrico Caruso Open 0
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1327 Is it possible to model double quantum dots
Asked by Kamanzi Kenneth Open 0
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1326 I want to know the unit of langmuir parameter of kf and kr, now I have my langmuir parameter as a unit of ml/CFU to absorb bacteria,but I need to know the unit of this software
Asked by Jieyi Zhu Open 3
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1325 time wall under geometry relax run
Asked by ali lahmer Open 0
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1324 How does the OPV_Tool consider the band offset at the interface wthin the continuity equation?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1323 Can I use biosensorlab to simulate graphene planar sensors to detect bacteria like E.Coli?
Asked by Jieyi Zhu Open 1
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1322 Getting Exit Code 1
Asked by Ibrahim Misbah Sadiq Open 1
1320 Plotting a 6 barrier device
Asked by Prasad Sarangapani Open 0
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1319 Is nanotechnology more Materials Science or Physics oriented?
Asked by Ajay Krishnan Open 1
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1318 Generated Wulff shape
Asked by Joon Kyo Seo Closed 1
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1317 How to simulate the GaN Power Device model
Asked by ram kotecha Open 0
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1316 How to simulate the GaN Power Device model
Asked by ram kotecha Open 0
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1315 increments on absorption graph
Asked by Sampath Duddu Open 1
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1314 Can I visualize the band structure and density of states of graphene after getting the output file from ABINIT running in Linux
Asked by seba sara varghese Open 1
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1313 amorphous silicon generator tool bug?
Asked by Gabriele Penazzi Open 0
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1312 FinFET
Asked by romana khan bhat Open 1
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1311 Why is electron number ‘n’ taken as fermi function ‘f’ many a times?
Asked by ANJALY T R Open 0
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