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746 Bias voltage
Asked by J Wang Open 1
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745 save input data file
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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744 how much will be the tube desity in SWCNT bundle to compare with mixed CNT bundle with tube density 5E+12.
Asked by sachin dattatray pable Open 0
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743 Im using the FETtoy tool. How can I vary the channel lenght? What parameters should I vary?
Asked by Abhishek Raj Gupta Open 0
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742 loss factor
Asked by Talha Erdem Open 1
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741 Error post-processing Meep Rod Dipole example
Asked by Robin Whittle Open 2
740 an usful tool to a back characterization of Si Nanowire FET
Asked by youssouf guerfi Open 0
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739 Is it possible to replace the channel of the FET structure by other materials (Let say SnO2)? What are the parameters I need to change then for this
Asked by Md Saiful Islam Open 0
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738 Would it be possible for user to define their own materials dispersion
Asked by Shiqiang Li Closed 1
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735 need watchble memristor simulation for different material
Asked by Hardik C Sevak Open 2
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734 which tool is for memristor simulation??
Asked by Hardik C Sevak Closed 1
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733 Can not see any results in the drop down menu.
Asked by A.T.M. Golam Sarwar Open 0
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731 Specifying Shotkey Barrier Height for SB type GNRFET
Asked by Artem Andreevich Rogachev Open 0
730 How to find the minima using a simulated annealing job using the CPMD code. i.e: How to visualize the results?
Asked by marawan mohamed ahmed Open 0
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729 Nanotechnology how does it come together?
Asked by Daniel Terry Open 2
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728 fermi level and charge neutrality
Asked by Huali Chen Open 1
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727 Tool is not usable right now!
Asked by Tillmann Christoph Kubis Closed 2
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726 In the context of molecular dynamics, when does classical mechanics breakdown?
Asked by Kwame W. Open 0
725 load previously run simulation
Asked by Richard Geiger Open 1
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724 Cap interaction between 2 nanotubes facing each other
Asked by Zexter Open 1
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