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1480 I wonder what’s the relationship and equation between chirality and graphene nanoribbon energy band?
Asked by Jieyi Zhu Open 0
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1479 voltage-source loop?
Asked by Geoffrey Coram Open 1
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1477 Dark mode computation cannot be executed.
Asked by Dongwook Lee Open 0
1476 Multiple objects
Asked by Rodrigo Closed 2
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1475 Can I input Vd, and then get the ouput of Id?
Asked by Open 0
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1474 IV-DATA
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1473 IV-DATA
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1471 My simulations are not matching with examples of Lecture 5 despite using all required values
Asked by faisal khan Open 0
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1470 Refractive index information and new materials
Asked by Roberto Carlos Carrillo Open 1
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1469 Why do grating periods< 1 result in a strange permittivity profile?
Asked by Olf Open 1
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1468 2D Grating with periods < 1 give a strange permittivity
Asked by Olf Open 0
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1467 Which version of the ABINIT code is implemented now at nanoHUB?
Asked by Stepan V. Syrotyuk Open 0
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1465 How to perform a tensile test with OOF2 in order to compare with a real one?
Asked by Manuel L. Soares Miranda Open 0
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1464 Replacement of conventional heat sink in LED lighting system with nanomaterial
Asked by Lilli Prasath Open 0
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1463 Extracting parameters from MVS model
Asked by Prasad Sarangapani Open 0
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1461 How to generate distinct multi-objects?
Asked by Jonathan Liang Open 2
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1460 Clarify Mueller Matrix returned by DDSCAT
Asked by Thomas Fitzgerald Closed 1
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1459 What are the names of medical offices and hospitals in Indianapolis where part of there inventory includes drug delivery microchips?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1457 Excuse my ignorance and could anyone let me know why does CNTbands fail to simulate certain chiralities like (9,3) or (9,6)?
Asked by Abhishek Open 0
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1456 How to select polarization of the incident wave?
Asked by Arjyajyoti Goswami Open 0
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