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1078 Can you please tell me the working of CNTFET. It seems a bit confusing to me. what type of cntfet do you use? SB or gate doped?
Asked by Aditya Sodhani Open 0
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1077 Interpretation of the results
Asked by karthika rani Open 1
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1076 Is there a good method for determining modes of vibration using SIESTA?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1074 In the graph of W/D, how much is the width assumed ?
Asked by kirti satish agashe Open 0
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1073 What can be done with help on NEGF formalism as final year BSc project?
Asked by Protik Das Open 0
1072 Format of input data ? Thanks
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1071 carbon transistors
Asked by bijo boban Open 0
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1070 Any tool for silicon waveguide design
Asked by Abdurrahman Javid Shaikh Open 0
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1069 L point on bulk central bands and bulk (all) band structure plots appears truncated
Asked by Brian Sutton Open 0
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1068 Schred V2: Simulating n-type substrates and Vfb determination
Asked by Lachlan Black Open 1
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1067 How to change the semiconductor properties in the input if the default is silicon?
Asked by Krishnakali Chaudhuri Open 0
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1066 Input file syntax for Schred V2
Asked by Lachlan Black Closed 1
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1065 change of substrate possible?
Asked by Anuvedya R Open 1
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1063 To select the material based on the absorbance and size of nanostructures
Asked by malathy raman Open 0
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1062 Adding surface charge and volume charge in Atlas Silvaco!
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1061 Can you please provide theUser guide for this tool?
Asked by karthika rani Open 0
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1060 How can i simulate amorphous silicon? the directory is missing!
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1059 Publishing Research Paper/Conference Paper
Asked by Sehtab Hossain Open 1
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1058 Dopant profile
Asked by Swee Hoe Lim Open 0
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1057 including CNT
Asked by harika kuncham Open 1
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