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344 What are high magnetic moment nanoparticles or cell labeling methods?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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343 If I need to include doping density in each layer , how can I do it?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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342 gold parameter
Asked by Hsiu-Hao Tsao Closed 1
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341 Textbook chapter on nanoscience…
Asked by Roy Jensen Open 0
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340 What about using Gupta potential, is it beater for metallic clusters???
Asked by naitbouda abdelyamine Closed 1
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339 can save jmol pick in pdf forma
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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338 Where or in Which university in the U.S I can get a B.S in Nanotechnology?
Asked by Abdullah AlAbbad Open 1
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337 the simulation in abinit is showing errors..
Asked by ash ash ash Open 1
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336 Simulation tools for Single flux quantum devices
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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334 How to go about understanding the physics of nano-devices as an undergraduate student?
Asked by Ganesh S Open 1
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332 Why does the potential show a singularity at the location where the boundary condition changes from Dirichlet to Neumann?
Asked by George Pau Open 3
331 Design of MWCNT.
Asked by Mehta Bhaven Satish Closed 1
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330 Strained nanowires behave oppositely to strain type
Asked by Mehmet Onur Baykan Closed 4
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329 qhull.h file linking
Asked by Kunal N Modi Closed 1
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328 Could VEDA gives a animation of the movement of the all cantilever?
Asked by Clement Riedel Open 0
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327 Which Simulation software is best to simulate the Magnetoresistance properties of Magnetic Tunnel Junction?
Asked by syed rizwan hussain naqvi Open 1
326 NanoMOS 3.5 (online Verison)
Asked by Yu-ying Tang Closed 1
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325 How can PROPHET be executed?
Asked by Jon Robert Sauer Open 0
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324 What is the difference between “Resonances vs. Bias” and “Energies vs. Bias”
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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323 deep accumulation for small devices carrier density/availability of customizable PADRE
Asked by Philip David Flammer Closed 1
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