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246 Default voltage values need be changed.
Asked by Shaikh S. Ahmed Closed 2
245 medici plot Ec vs X
Asked by John Tommas Closed 1
244 Nanosphere optics field lab/change surrounding media
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
243 Will the floating gate device made in generic CMOS process instead of custom Floating gate process work?
Asked by Shantanu Gupta Open 0
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242 AFM imaging of bare silicon surface to measure its rms roughness
Asked by Pankaj Bhooshan Agarwal Closed 1
240 what is model used by urself behind tool of CNIA
Asked by Akhil G Nair Open 1
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239 why does only p-type potential under applied bias
Asked by vanya srivastav Closed 2
237 Tool improvement request – plotting the eigenstate energies as a function of occurrance
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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236 What are the best graduate couses for nanotechnology in US?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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235 How to perform random walk simulation of diffusion
Asked by Saravanan R Closed 1
233 How does one calculate the individual phonon dispersion curves from molecular dynamics simulation?
Asked by Daniel J Rogers Open 2
232 impact ionization
Asked by ahmed hassan Open 1
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231 abinit problem for large atoms
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
229 3D crystals?
Asked by Erin Daly Open 2
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228 In addition to the unit cells, can you also show larger chunks of the crystal
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
226 Bravais lattice viewer shows very small atoms and very long bonds.
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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225 Orthorhombic and Tetragonal unit cells are not properly displayed.
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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223 Contribution is not always leading to reward points
Asked by Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam Closed 1
222 the tight binding calculations do not yet allow for a change in effective masses
Asked by Anonymous Closed 3
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221 Default model failed
Asked by Ravi Tavakley Closed 2
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