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1172 SCHRED Compilation
Asked by lui ehtesham Open 2
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1169 Schred v1: other materials
Asked by Yu-Chih Tseng Open 1
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1168 simulating InAs in Schred V1 vs V2
Asked by Yu-Chih Tseng Closed 1
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1167 OOF2 cannot choose element type?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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1166 how to to change the material such as I wanted to usenon linear material other than gold and silver
Asked by shruti taksali Open 0
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1165 Fermi statistics produces too low current
Asked by SungGeun Kim Open 0
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1164 x5 larger Ctot than Cox in QM schred V2
Asked by SungGeun Kim Closed 2
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1163 include more subbands in the simulation
Asked by Wanjie Xu Open 0
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1162 Cartesian coordinates of sodium heptagluconate
Asked by Marta Badrinas Open 1
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1161 Why does oof2 quit atuomaticly?
Asked by zheng yun zhai Open 1
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1160 Boltzmann statistics does not work
Asked by SungGeun Kim Closed 2
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1159 angel software compilation
Asked by Raouf Bennaceur Open 0
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1158 How to choose the range of convergence for self-consistent solutions for gnrfet?
Asked by mana abdi Open 1
1157 changing electron occupation
Asked by Giovanni Maria Vanacore Open 1
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1156 Can I request for multiple nodes when running LAMMPS on Nanohub?
Asked by Parameshwaran Pasupathy Open 0
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1155 How can I have point to point V-I Curve Experimental data of HP memristor, is there any Excel or Matlab file which can provide this?
Asked by Amirali Amirsoleimani Open 0
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1154 How to model electrical transport in large conductors?
Asked by Srijeet Tripathy Open 0
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1153 To obtain emission spectrum with a narrow peak
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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Asked by geetanjali sethi Open 0
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1151 Effective mass in quantum well
Asked by Usman Ehtesham Gul Open 0
0 Like, a resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, is supported by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.