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574 Can you customize the basis?
Asked by Alex Small Open 2
573 seqquest problem with building input……….
Asked by sridhar vaddadi Open 2
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572 solar cell
Asked by feros khan Open 1
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571 nanohub presentations on k.p, density functional theory?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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570 difference between basis, lattice, unit cell, primitive cell? how can we find them in a Si structure?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 4
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569 books on computational material science
Asked by champuri srinivasa rao Open 0
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568 is it worth to persue M.Sc in nanoelectronics engineering from university of manchester,uk?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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567 from where i should start my study on nanoelectronics? PLEASE GUIDE..
Asked by AKASH CHOPRA Closed 1
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565 What are the emerging trends in device modeling
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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564 Whether any tool developed for simulation of corrosion phenomenon at nanoscale?
Asked by Mohan Yashvant Khire Open 0
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563 To find local density of states in 3d
Asked by Sanam Moslemi-Tabrizi Open 0
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562 What does “PADRE” stand for?
Asked by Open 0
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561 Where can I find relevant course materials or presentation?
Asked by michael fuh Open 1
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559 What limits the construction of mobile DNA nanojunctions?
Asked by Madhanagopal B Open 0
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558 What is the best material(s) I should use to realize a cosmic radiation sensor?
Asked by Daniele Paolini Open 0
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556 Simulation for 3D finfet fails
Asked by Abhijeet Paul Open 2
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555 How to simulate carbon nanotubes for single and multi walled for thermal conductivity
Asked by waseem mohammedabdul Closed 1
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554 PROPHET and PADRE doesnt launch job for W=55nm and H=65nm Lc=40nm
Asked by Saumitra Raj Mehrotra Closed 1
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553 bulk bandstructure: k-axis scale
Asked by raseong kim Closed 2
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552 UTB bandstructure: same results for Gamma->X and Gamma->L?
Asked by raseong kim Closed 1
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