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659 How i can determine input for the e dimension for pyramidical or spheroid qdot? what should be the value of Lx,Ly & Lz?
Asked by SUDIP KUMAR SAHA Closed 1
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658 Work Function/Flat Bias Adjustment?
Asked by Marcela Meza Open 1
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657 what is the use of multi channel layers in HEMT?
Asked by sandeep mandava Closed 1
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656 how to plot Id-Vd
Asked by Suseendran Jayachandran Closed 1
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655 Why XRD of a core-shell nanoparticle correspond to the core alone?
Asked by Amal Pradeep Open 0
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654 Can you please tell me how to give the doping concentration?The doping concentration i give and which comes in simulation are not same
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653 netlist
Asked by anita narendra bhatt Open 0
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652 Do anyone know a good CMOS IV Characteristics Simulator?
Asked by Omar H. El-Sewefy Closed 1
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651 difference between ballistic transport and quasic -ballistc transport
Asked by anand satya kommana Open 0
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650 cross-link
Asked by Maurizio Zaccheddu Open 1
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649 i am doing a project on “simulation of cntfet and want to show its characterstics using simulator ,, suggest me
Asked by naresh kumar Open 1
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648 is it possible to get the numerical value of E(kx,ky,kz) for each k from this program?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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647 Zero Dimension?
Asked by guru lenin Closed 1
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646 Download
Asked by Mehta Bhaven Satish Open 1
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645 Is it possible to change the temperature
Asked by edwin ramayya Open 1
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644 not able to simulate multi gate nanowire transistor.
Asked by vishnu chaitanya Open 1
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643 Is the
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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642 Trying to replicate Fig.2 of Augustine paper
Asked by Mario Ancona Open 0
641 Running impact ionization
Asked by Mirembe Musisi-Nkambwe Open 1
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640 tool for power,voltage,dealy simulation of SRAM memory cell at nanoscale
Asked by pragya kushwaha Closed 2
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