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417 How to distinct the conducting band and valance band
Asked by chengjie zhu Closed 1
416 How long did users took to run a simulation for CNTFET? It took me like1 hr to run a simulation. Is this normal?
Asked by Anonymous Open 2
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415 Documentation anywhere?
Asked by Pablo M Roque Closed 1
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414 Abort
Asked by Sharnali Islam Open 2
413 regarding validations of the answers….
Asked by CHETAN Open 1
412 Can it simulate quasi ballistic transport
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
5 points 0 Like
409 Is it possible to simulate circuits made of various CNTs? (for instance logic gates)
Asked by Daniel Gil Open 1
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408 What is the value ktmax?
Asked by Tarek M. Abdolkader Open 0
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406 difference in properties of cnfet & a mosfet????
Asked by nipun mahajan Open 0
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404 share a session
Asked by Tanya Faltens Closed 2
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403 determine point group symmetry
Asked by Rogelio Siles Open 0
402 how to use cnt simulator on line from where i have to download
Asked by pallavi g darji Open 1
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Asked by donghe tang Open 1
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400 Freeze Out question in carrier statistics lab
Asked by Tanya Faltens Closed 2
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399 inconsistent exponent
Asked by Ming-Yi Lee Closed 1
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398 Where does the executable belong? Where does the submit wrapper belong?
Asked by Alisa Neeman Open 1
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397 If I use this software in my term paper, which reference should I use?
Asked by Moinuddin Ahmed Closed 1
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396 what kind of scattering included
Asked by donghe tang Closed 1
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395 Is there a gui for the output of abinit for plotting DOS and BANDS?
Asked by Ahmed Boufelfel Open 0
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394 effective mass
Asked by Shaikh S. Ahmed Open 8
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