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275 wishlist item: 2d cuts through potential and charge through high symmetry lines
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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273 No outputs
Asked by Shaikh S. Ahmed Closed 2
272 relation between the si thickness and current
Asked by meysam bagheri Closed 1
271 how can i use schred program in my computer
Asked by meysam bagheri Open 1
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269 sir i need simulation which is based on my mathematical equation. Here we are just varying the variable and this simulator giving us result. can we do any changes any method for solving this ?
Asked by pankaj zope Closed 1
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268 How I can take permission to use this tool. Thank you
Asked by Noorah Harbi Closed 1
267 Why does potential energy abruptly change at melting point of nanowire
Asked by Chinmaya Dandekar Open 1
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266 Can u give me a brief description of superlattice
Asked by arun aravind Closed 1
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265 Is it possible to take 2D cut planes of electron and hole density in the direction of source to drain ?
Asked by Abhijeet Paul Closed 1
264 Boundary conditions for the potential equation
Asked by George Pau Closed 1
263 define AlGaAs in PADRE
Asked by waled hosny hosny Closed 1
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262 What is the procedure for solving residual stress in a microstructure?
Asked by Ramakrishnan Open 1
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261 Want to find out capability
Asked by Abdul Rahman Closed 1
260 what does the tool improvement of version 1.1.9 really mean?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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259 how long will it take to enable the calculation of thermal conductivity?
Asked by Hridai Open 2
257 the lattice constant for tight binding should be really used in the generation of the heterostructure
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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256 Effective mass variation in pcpbt is not working correctly for tight binding
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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255 how nanohub differentiate between mask length (Lmask) and effective length (Leff) for MOSFET
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
254 how do we impose G
Asked by Jean Michel D Sellier Closed 1
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253 Results in syntax error of extra token. How to resolve?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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