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1544 program fails after simulation, IndexError
Asked by Joseph Eschweiler Open 0
1543 How i can solve poisson equation in decoupled mode space NEGF?
Asked by milad behrooz Open 0
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1541 nanomos spinfet fails
Asked by ln ZHANG Open 0
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1540 Help, Error with simulation
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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1538 What is the valley degree of freedom in Transition metal Di-Chalcogenides?
Asked by Carolina Marques Open 0
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1537 Is it possible for me to use this software to calculate a InGaAs/InAlAs quantum structure? looking for a reply
Asked by 任飞 Open 0
1536 Fewer Data Sets
Asked by Jens Schmidt Open 0
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1535 How DDSCAT Convert could be compiled on Fedora
Asked by Hirak Chatterjee Open 1
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1534 Surface Recombination
Asked by Deniz Turkay Open 0
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1533 how can I upload my image (real microstructure)?
Asked by ghazal moeini Open 0
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1532 How to give generation AM1.5g in PADRE?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1531 how to install nemo5 in red hat 64 bit
Asked by GOPI RAJA U Open 0
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1529 Parallel calculation doesn’t work, please check it.
Asked by zhengx Open 1
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1528 where are data files saved? such as data saved with fix ave/time command.
Asked by zhengx Open 1
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1527 Problem in converting sphere using ddaconvert for large size and large number of dipoles.
Asked by Pradeep Verma Open 1
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1526 Why the pdf files on supporting docs are 650mb ? If they are high res can we have some some low res. Thank you
Asked by Thushan Kaveendra Pathirana Open 0
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1525 what about different types of nanostructures?
Asked by sibasish dutta Open 0
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1524 Generation of Field Calculations Volumes
Asked by Michael Ross Open 1
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1523 Does not accept (previously working) .obj files?
Asked by Dmitriy Boyuk Open 1
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1522 Unable to convert .obj file to DDSCAT shape file
Asked by Ivy Jiang Open 1
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