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613 How useful can ring shaped nano and micro crystals be in materials science?
Asked by Madhanagopal B Open 2
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1487 How might folding of DNA into specific shape help in materials science?
Asked by Madhanagopal B Open 0
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1462 How to update my repository so that it has the lastest version of my working copy?
Asked by Abhirit Kanti Open 1
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1263 Which version of Pymol is installed on nanoHUB?
Asked by Navjeet Sandhu Open 0
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1539 Is the valley the points K and K’ of the Brillouin zone?
Asked by Carolina Marques Open 0
15 points 0 Like
799 How to consider electron-photon interaction w/o using self-energy?
Asked by Golam Rabbani Open 0
15 points
1466 What insures the charge neutrality condition in the self-consistent solution of Poisson and Schrodinger equations?
Asked by Maziar Noei Open 0
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1337 Can we use the Pvpanelsim for modeling the double junction a-Si/uc-Si solar cell modules ? If yes, then how to do it ?
Asked by liuchaoping Open 1
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1311 Why is electron number ‘n’ taken as fermi function ‘f’ many a times?
Asked by ANJALY T R Open 0
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1229 I need to construct a model of curved lipid bilayer like the cell membrane in real situation
Asked by Qian Cheng Open 0
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1074 In the graph of W/D, how much is the width assumed ?
Asked by kirti satish agashe Open 0
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1072 Format of input data ? Thanks
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1060 How can i simulate amorphous silicon? the directory is missing!
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1046 Potential energy value
Asked by papanasam Esakky Open 0
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971 Can ABINIT be used to determine the refractive index of a molecule? If yes, how to get it??
Asked by Mehta Bhaven Satish Open 1
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838 differences between sp3s* and sp3d5s* models
Asked by Jean Michel D Sellier Open 1
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748 How can I simulate ZnO/GaN material
Asked by liqiao qin Open 0
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556 Simulation for 3D finfet fails
Asked by Abhijeet Paul Open 2
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1514 Why does I-V characteristic curve not appear after launching the simulator tool ADEPT 2.1?
Asked by Md. Asaduzzaman Open 0
5 points
1485 is there a way to calculate electronic structure of highly mismatched semiconductor alloys ?
Asked by BENLALA Slimane Open 0
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