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1626 Pls tell me how to switch to GGA pseudos (ixc=11 does not work)?
Asked by Максим Арсентьев Open 1
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1625 Are there a support documents for Perfect Absorber Metamaterial simulator?
Asked by M Elsayed Open 0
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1624 How to define source and drain region for 3D cylindrical VNAND flash memory cell structure
Asked by Prashanth Dhundra Open 0
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1623 molecular dinamics tool
Asked by Matei Serbanescu Open 0
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1615 How do I determine the correct scaling parameters for converting blender flies to DDScat files for E^2 simulations?
Asked by Charles Nathan Melton Open 1
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1614 installation of nanoDDSCAT+ is slightly confused.
Asked by Hyun Huh Open 1
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1613 Hello, Is that the GGA pseudopotential of Zr is listed (existed) or not (calcul with ABINIT)?
Asked by Noureddine Selmi Closed 1
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1612 how can i import my structures
Asked by Ali Ali Abd Ali Open 2
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1611 Is there an example that uses a DBR stack?
Asked by Aaron Pung Open 0
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1610 Units for variables
Asked by robert slapikas Open 0
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1609 Tried to simulate Bucky ball and CNT, it gives an import error for both
Asked by Anonymous Open 2
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1608 I want to use medici for mosfet mobile charge simulation
Asked by Lee Yong Bok Open 0
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1607 Change the Structure
Asked by Jardel Belo Open 0
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1606 user manual?
Asked by Tanya Faltens Open 0
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1605 How to measure the thresold and leakage current for MOSFET
Asked by Priyank Rathod Open 1
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1604 lectures missing
Asked by 晨曦 朱 Open 0
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1603 polysilicon doping concentration?
Asked by kim ji min Open 0
1602 How to simulate CNTFET using COMSOL?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1601 on MoS2 system
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
1600 At mobility = 5000 , Gate voltage = 30V ,Dirac Voltage = 30V, Max. Drain current = 0.01A
Asked by Navnath Belote Open 0
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