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Mourad Ouzzani

Input files for my tool

What’s the easiest way to upload files as input to a tool. I want users to be able to get the files from both their desktop and their nanohub home directory.

I’m using filexfer but it requires two steps: upload the files to the home directory and then open these files from the tool.

This brings a second question, does rappture has a simple to browse local files?

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    David A Saenz

    Recently, I had a similar issue, a tool I contributed to, needed the input of several tables in external files.

    My solution was to create a giant set of loaders.

    This process took a lot of data formatting and parsing, but worked, this might work for you too.

    And well, I think the only way you can import data into a rappture tool at the runtime is in the form of strings.

    You can also generate a ticket asking for a specific functionality, but that’s a long term query.

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