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Home Questions and Answers Can nanoMOS simulate a tunneling transistor?

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Yasin Khatami

Can nanoMOS simulate a tunneling transistor?

I’m wondering if nanoMOS can simulate a tunneling transistor. It’s a gated p-i-n diode.

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    Kurtis Cantley

    Yasin, NanoMOS is only set up to handle symmetric, ultra-thin body double-gate MOSFET structures. It also only accounts for the conduction band of the semiconductor, so its not able to simulate band-to-band tunneling. While the NEGF formalism can be used to model tunnel FETs, NanoMOS is not capable of doing so.

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    nanoMOS is a single band program – it can treat intra-band tunneling, but not inter-band tunneling (i.e. from conduction to valence band). Tunneling transistors generally make use of inter-band tunneling for which nanoMOS is not suitable.

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