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Stephane Dumoulin

Can’t open K1_small.pgm


I tried to run the tutorial ‘Microstructure’ requiring the file K1_small.pgm to be opened but it wouldn’t open. I keep getting the following error message.

ImageMagickError: Magick: Unable to read image data (/….) reported by pnm.c:514 (ReadPNMImage)

The file comes from the ‘Examples’ folder from version “oof2-2.0.4.tar.gz” that I simply unzipped on Windows XP. I have no problem in opening the other files (cyallow.png, small.ppm …) and run the tutorials.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks for any help.


BTW, the nanoHUB facility is a really great tool.

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    R. Edwin Garcia

    This is a nanoHUB bug, not an OOF bug. If you are still experiencing it, please send an email by clicking on the “Help!” button on the upper right corner of your nanoHUB page.

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