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OOF2 cannot choose element type?

In old version of oof , we can use ppm2oof to creat mesh and choose element type we want ,such as zimmer and zimmer2 and griffith and griffith2. But in oof2 ,we cannot find the element types, does oof2 no longer support these element types? I have tried to install ppm2oof ,but it always failed.

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    Stephen Langer

    ppm2oof only works with oof, not with oof2.

    In oof2 the physical properties are controlled by the material that is assigned to the pixels. The element type only controls how the equations are solved. These two concepts were both handled by the element type in oof1. However, the equivalents of the griffith and zimmer elements have not yet been added to oof2 because we’re not sure that their implementation in oof is mathematically well defined.

    The oof2 manual describes how to add new material properties to oof2, if you’d like to add griffith properties yourself. See and The manual is slightly out of date, but not seriously so.

    — Steve — Steve

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