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Yu-Chih Tseng

Schred v1: other materials

In Schred V1 there is an option for “other” materials. When this is selected I can input effective masses and band offsets.

How is this different from Schred V2, which asks for the same inputs?

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    Gokula Kannan

    The Schred V1 assumes a 4-valley conduction band system and uses the effective masses that you input to calculate the device masses differently than Schred V2.0, which assumes a 3 conduction band valley system.Both versions use the band offset to offset the QM potential processed by schrodinger solver for each valley ina simlar manner, but the effective masses are treated differently. As I was involved with developing the V2.0, I know that the geometric mean of the different effective masses you input for the 3 valleys are used to calulate the values of the DOS and confinement masses(conf mass go into the schrodinger equation). After looking into the code of V1.0, your ‘Z-direction’ valley masses are used as the confinement masses and the DOS mass is the geometric mean of ‘x and y- direction masses’. And also V1.0 assumes default values for degeneracy as it assumes a 4-valley system (gamma,L,X(primed),X(unprimed)).

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