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Sarah Morgan

How to fix problem launching job

When I try to simulate one the examples, e.g. ‘FMO coherence, 3 peak spectral density’, I get the error message ‘problem launching job’, followed by ‘program finished: exit code is 1. System (submit -n 1 -w 20 gpu_heom_kernel_r29 input.param output) failed (err=1). ABORT’

Please can you tell me why this happens and what I need to do to avoid it?

Many thanks, Sarah Morgan

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    Tobias Kramer

    Dear GPU-HEOM users,

    due to a server move the tool is currently offline until July 16, 2013. Please be patient until then!

    Best, Tobias

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    Tobias Kramer

    Thanks to the nanohub crew the tool is up and running again. The cluster system behind the GPU part was updated.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or problems, we appreciate your feedback to further improve the tool.

    Cheers, Tobias

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    Tobias Kramer

    Hi Sarah, thanks for your report! It looks as if the nanohub infrastructure is broken at the moment, I will contact the support since this is beyond what I can fix. The nanohub crew acts very fast and professional and I am confident that the tool chain will be fixed quickly. Cheers, Tobias

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