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Thomas Mathew

Compiling Rappture wrapper

Hi, I installed Rappture GUI from the source and it runs fine with its examples. In the read me file, it says that I should compile the wrapper also. So when I type make in the wrapper folder, it says “make: *** No rule to make target archimedes-read-gui.o', needed by archimedes-read-gui’. Stop.”

The same error pops up when I try to similate using rappture gui

Thanks for the help, Thomas

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    Jean Michel D Sellier

    Hello, the GUI was designed to run in a nanoHUB workspace. I have no idea if it is actually possible to compile and run it on your personal machine. At least, you should have exactly the same settings of a workspace.


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      Thomas Mathew

      Thanks for the prompt reply.

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        massoum nordine massnord

        please i have the same problem when I simulate an example in archimedes / rappture_GUI / rappture, I have this message “problem launching job can not execute archimedes-read-gui No such file or directory “ so if you have found a solution to your problem says me it

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