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Thomas Mathew


Hi, I tried to run the mosfet.input code in the test directory and encountered a run time error. I found that the error was in the line no 39 and 40 CONTACT UP 0.0 0.1e-6 OHMIC 1.e23 -0.15346
CONTACT UP 0.3e-6 0.4e-6 OHMIC 1.e23 0.84654

It should be replaced by CONTACT UP 0.0 0.1e-6 OHMIC -0.15346 1.e23
CONTACT UP 0.3e-6 0.4e-6 OHMIC 0.84654 1.e23

Now it works.

My question is related to the following line # Definition of the upper SiO2 interface

# =========================

OXYDE UP 0.125e-6 0.275e-6 0.006e-6 0.43350

I could not find anything about the OXYDE command in the documentation. I would like to know whether this piece of code really works

Thanks Thomas

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    Jean Michel D Sellier


    this command is still a “work in progress” so it is better to do not play with it (for now).

    I hope this helps,


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