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Pranita Kerber

Problem Launching Job

I am simulating InP (5nm) / InGaAs (300nm) / InP (substrate) and biasing the gate from -3V to 1V. The doping is InP (1e18) / InGaAs (2e17) / InP (3e18).

I am simulating the structure with default setting but it complains that it has problem lauching the job and quits with exit code 1.

Could you please help?

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    Arun Goud Akkala

    Hi Pranita,

    For a bias sweep from -3V to 1V with default step size of 0.05V, the total number of simulations is going to be 81. The 1dHetero tool has a hard cut-off of 64 simulations. This was done considering the huge memory requirements for storing all the simulation results into 2D matrices for the sake of plotting. When you click the simulate button, you can see the message “Calculating the number of IV points…..The number of points for the IV curve is greater than 64” flash momentarily before being shown “Program finished: Exit code is 1”. (Please ignore the IV curve part. No transport simulation is done here. That error text found it’s way from another tool.)
    The solution would be to reduce the step size from 0.05V to say 0.1V. That would result in 41 simulations.
    If you still want to run more than 64 simulations, then you can request access to Nemo5 from the Nemo5 membership group. You can use the input deck for a simulation with

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    Arun Goud Akkala

    …(contd.) ons and simply change the line source = (bias_points values) within it and rerun the simulation from command line. However you’ll have to do the post-processing and visualization part on your own.

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