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Highly non-spherical heavy hole bands for bulk GaAs??

I calculated the band structure of bulk GaAs. The effective masses for the heavy holes were given as:

100 0.376848
110 0.657788
111 0.839029

I thought the heavy hole bands of GaAs were close to spherical??

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    Yang Liu


    The valence bands are, in most cases, very non-parabolic. Density-of-states effective masses for holes can be found in textbooks, but it refers to the average mass to use when calculating the charge densities. All the orbit-coupling parameters in tight-binding are optimized to reproduce effective masses, bandgaps and other quantities measured from experiments. The reference for GaAs hole effective masses can be found in the paper:

    T. B. Boykin, G. Klimeck, R. C. Bowen, and F. Oyafuso,“Diagonal parameter shifts due to nearest-neighbor displacements in empirical tight-binding theory,” Physical Review B 66, 125207, 2002

    and also the refences in this paper too.

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