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Eric Vogel

I am confused regarding the Material Parameter Inputs. The notation in the input deck is extremely confusing.

The input deck has mx_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), my_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mz_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mhh_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mlh_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3).

If you have a semiconductor with say Gamma (l, t), X (l, t), and L (l, t). Do you put mx_3valleys(valley 1)= m(gamma, l) ; mx_3valleys(valley 2)=m(gamma,t) ; mx_3valleys(valley3)=m(gamma,t) mx_3valleys(valley 1)= m(gamma, l) ; my_3valleys(valley 1)=m(gamma,t) ; mz_3valleys(valley1)=m(gamma,t).

What about for hh and lh?

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    Gokula Kannan

    Sorry for the delayed response, i somehow seemed to have missed the question.

    The masses for electrons in the three valleys are the principal direction masses, so

    mx_3valleys(valley 1)= m(gamma, l) ,mx_3valleys(valley 2)= m(X, l) ,mx_3valleys(valley 3)= m(L, l) ;

    my_3valleys(valley 1)= m(gamma, t) ,my_3valleys(valley 2)= m(X, t) ,mx_3valleys(valley 3)= m(L, t) ;

    mz_3valleys(valley 1)= m(gamma, t) ,mz_3valleys(valley 2)= m(X, t) ,mz_3valleys(valley 3)= m(L, t) ;


    And for holes it has only 1 hh and 1 lh band. And for silicon its isotropic, so we have for instance mx_hh=my_hh=mz_hh= 0.16 ; and mx_lh=my_lh=mz_lh = 0.49

    hope that helps!


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