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Md. Zadid Khan

What operations are performed when the voltage solution from poisson’s eqn is fed to the schrodinger eqn in this simulator?

The poisson’s equation gives the solution(V) of the 3D potential distribution of the MG nanowire fet.

The input to the schrodinger equation is the conduction band profile i.e.- Ec

How is Ec obtained from V? or in other words, what operations are performed on poisson’s solution to get the conduction band profile in this simulator?

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    Mincheol Shin

    Conduction band-edge(Ec) as a function of position(x) is given by Ec(x) = Ec0-q*V(x), where q is the elementary charge. Ec0 is the conduction band edge if V = 0. It is a constant throughout the device and you may set it to zero or Eg (band-gap) or other values. In this simulator Ec0 is set to Eg/2.0.

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