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Resolution limit?


I was wondering if there was an effective limit on the resolution we could use for the tool? I ran a simulation for a Gold particle in both 0.9 nm and 20 nm radii (single layer) with a resolution of 0.5 nm and found several discontinuities in the output.

Here is the image:

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    Lasse Jensen

    The discontinuities observed are most likely due to interpolation of the dielectric constant needed for the simulations. These effects are most visible for the smaller nanoparticle since the extinction coefficient is very small. For large nanoparticles running with a lower resolutions (5nm) is sufficient. Since the simulations are based on classical Mie theory it should only be used for nanoparticles with a radius of larger than 5-10 nm. For smaller nanoparticles quantum-size effects becomes important and these effects are not included here.

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