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Can we use the Pvpanelsim for modeling the double junction a-Si/uc-Si solar cell modules ? If yes, then how to do it ?

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    Muhammad A. Alam

    PVPanelSim is a general panel simulation framework that was originally developed for a-Si solar cells. The subcells are connected in series and parallel to simulate the overall response — and it can do a wide variety of problems including the effect of shunt and series resistances.

    In principle, a-Si/uc-Si can be simulated, so long the I-V characteristics of the cell is is parameterized in terms the a-Si models. In other words, the diode parameter, the voltage dependent recombination, etc. should be adjusted so that the response of the double-heterojunction cell mimics that of an effective a-Si solar cell (by the way, the a-Si model will be released very soon at the NEEDS website Once this is done, PVPanelSim will do the rest.

    I suggest that you start by working with a-Si model, work out a few examples. Once this is done, you will find implementing the a-Si/uc-Si relatively easy.

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