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Alberto Gomez

Offline installation is missing az_ddaskr

I am trying the offline version of VEDA, and I am getting an error because the solver az_ddaskr is not found. I downloaded an older version (2.0.26) which does include the solver inside /bin, and copied it in order to be able to run simulations.

Why did that file disappear from later versions, and how is the tool supposed to work without it?

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    Gerardo Roque

    Alberto, good day.

    The file az_ddaskr that the offline simulator is asking for is one of the files generated from the compilation of the source code. This file includes all the simulation functions and solvers needed to get the results from the data input through the GUI.

    If you want to run the offline simulator, you need to compile the code first. If, for some reason, after compilation, you are not getting the az-ddaskr library, something went wrong during compilation. In this case, the compilation process will abort, stating a very general reason for failure. Generally (as it happened to me when first getting started), it has to do with Linux not having all the libraries that the compiling script is asking for.

    Make sure your have rappture installed correctly. In my case, gzip and expat needed installation as well. Tweak the Makefile inside the src directory, make it look for the rappture libraries in their installed directories. Finally, once compilation is successful, put az_ddaskr into the $PATH, either by adding its path directly, or creating a symbolic link into one of the directories of the $PATH variable (recommended /usr/local/bin).

    Finally, I would recommend against using az_ddaskr as obtained from a previous version, as this will mean you are working with outdated deprecated code, possibly leading to erroneous simulation results.

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