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Silverio Delgado

can the Storage limit be increased?

I am currently running some simulations and I would like to know if the storage for the ddscat tool be increased to 5 GB. This would allow more detailed simulations to be obtained.

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    AbderRahman N Sobh

    DDSCAT has been updated since this question was posted, Remote simulations now use less memory than previously when requesting a Nearfield generating simulation (this is typically the most storage-intensive type of simulation).

    In detail, Remote simulations send out only a Nearfield calculation for the wavelength with the greatest Light Extinction value. Local runs of DDSCAT will still inefficiently calculate a Nearfield at every wavelength, thus generating a lot of storage usage.


    This may resolve your issue with DDSCAT, alternatively you can send a Ticket to request more storage space from the Nanohub administrative team.

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    AbderRahman N Sobh

    Can you please give some more information on a simulation that requires this? It would be useful if we can reproduce the results.


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