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cannot find output file


I am attempting to follow the methodology in Tutorial #1 at, however when I hit the Simulate button I get the following output after about 1 minute:

“(5042976) Simulation Queued at ncn-g@carter Tue May 27 14:42:22 2014 (5042976) Simulation Complete at ncn-g@carter Tue May 27 14:43:07 2014 (5042976) Simulation Done at ncn-g@carter Tue May 27 14:43:22 2014

# Run two-dimensional spectra

Problem launching job:

Can’t find result file in output. Did you call Rappture ::result in your simulator?”

When I try to compute other outputs, such as exciton coherence or absorption spectra, these fail in a similar fashion too.

I notice that there was a problem like this last year when maintenance temporarily disabled the simulator. Is something like that currently happening?


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    Tobias Kramer

    Hi Brian, thanks for reporting. I submitted a ticket with the nanohub support crew, I am sure they will fix the problem within the next day or so, probably some maintenance going on. Let us know if you have further issues with the tool, I will update this answer once it runs again. Best, Tobias

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