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Sophie Marbach

How do I launch the Tool?

Hello !

I am having some trouble launching the Wulff shape Generator on the site. When I click on “launch tool”, my browser seems to load something for ever but never actually launches the tool. I am using Chrome or Safari on a Mac Os X 10.6 Tried with Firefox on Ubuntu, and did not work. Can any one help me understand what’s going on ?


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    For me, I have found that this issue is usually related to Java. Making sure that your Java is updated and the latest version often solves this issue.

    Good luck.

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    Tanya Faltens

    Hopefully someone has answered your question by now and you are able to run the tool.  

    For anyone running into problems using tools: the fastest way to get a response is to click on the "Need Help?" link at the top right corner of the browser window, and submit a trouble ticket including sufficient details (such as what you have listed here).  You will get a quick response.

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