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Fredy Cisneros

output file to simulate in matlab

Do you guys have a matlab code that will allow me to use the target output file to simulate the 3D field so that i can mess with the colors of the intensity?

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    AbderRahman N Sobh

    The short answer is that we provide the viewer for the VTK file format within the DDSCAT tool. At the moment, I do not believe there is an available method of changing the intensity scale settings within the viewer

    There are other alternatives to this solution since we do provide the VTK file that we are using in the output menu "EField_VTK". Feel free to take this file and use a viewer of your choice to re-create the field and change what viewing settings are available in your favorite VTK file format viewer.

    Two free viewers that apparently have the capability to do this are:

    VisIt Visualization Tool -

    Paraview -

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      AbderRahman N Sobh

      Intensity settings have been added internally and we hope to see them deployed in the near future. Thus, you will not need to export to Matlab to view this data. I will post again to confirm once this feature has been deployed publicly.

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