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lecture on ipod

hi, is there any possiblity of transfering the lecture from nanohub to itunes to ipod. i know we can subscribe to podcasts, but it only have some seminars and lectures. not all the lectures are listed in podcast.

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    Joseph M. Cychosz

    Hi, There are 2 methods for viewing a presentation with iTunes.

    1. Download the podcast (video or audio) file which can be found in the right side of the resource’s information page. With Firefox you can hold down the CTRL key and then click on the appropriate link. Select from the drop down menu “Save Link As…” to save the file locally on your computer. You then can drop this file into your iTunes collection.

    2. Copy the link using the same proceedure above except this time select “Copy Link Location”. You can then paste this link into iTunes using the menu item “Advanced->Open Stream”.

    I think what you are looking for is solution #1 where the podcast is contained in your iTunes library.

    What you are probably looking for is a feed of our podcasts. This is coming very shortly. Each course, workshop, or series will have a feed that you can then subscribe to.

    Regards, Joe Cychosz

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