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no output characteristics computed for pnp transistors

It appears that the simulator fails to converge for the standard pnp input deck. It does not provide a proper output characteristic

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    Hi Please note that in the tool necessary adjustments would be needed to run pnp type bjt transistor in active mode and to get the required outputs. If we inject +ve current in PNP base and apply -ve base voltage simulation would not converge.

    Here is a sample input deck for studying PNP type BJT.

    Set the doping type=PNP Operation Mode=CE rest unchanged
    Gummel Plot, Vc=-3.5V

    Applied base bias start=0V Applied base bias end=-1V

    Output Characteristics Base current Injection start value= -1e-6A Base current Injection end value=-4e-6A Applied Collector=-3.5V

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