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no band edge diagrams anymore

It seems like the band edge diagrams are no longer being displayed, as shown on the screen shots. Can they be enabled again?

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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hello, BJT lab since Nov ’08 has 1D plots as before and also new output plots (eg. Current density vs position). Since it is a 2D mesh simulator, user can specify what point along the ‘x’ axis they want the 1D y-directed (depth) plots input in Output Characteristics tab. Take note that to view Emitter profile user needs to have ‘x’ less than X1 (Emitter contact width defined in Structure tab)

    thanks! Saumitra

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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    There is another tool which would be up soon for that treating 1D profiles in BJT.

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